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You can protect yourself from losing thousands of dollars to frivolous lawsuits, careless mistakes or “fine print” disasters by having someone on your side to advocate for your business.

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Statistics show that every year 40-50% of small businesses are involved in some type of litigation. 

  • A customer sues. 
  • An employee slips and falls.
  • A contract is too vague to be enforced.

And if you’re not prepared, one wrong move can be disastrous to your financial health.  

You can’t afford to take that risk.  

But not all protection is created equal.  

It’s imperative that you find an attorney who knows what safety measures businesses need most, who is invested in protecting you, your loved ones and what you’ve built and who understands your long-term financial goals. 

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Attorney Brett Trembly created this valuable video just for small business owners so that you’ll know: 

Why it’s so important to have an attorney even if you aren’t having legal issues and how to zero in on exactly what’s most important to you so that you can hire a firm whose values and operating systems match your needs and your timeline.

How to create criteria that aligns with what your business needs the most from an attorney

What questions to ask to measure the level of skill, customer service and authenticity of the lawyer you’re talking to.

Secret clues to look for that say a LOT about the firm and how its staff is likely to treat you and your business

Why bigger isn’t always better and how to avoid the “hype”

We can show you how to protect yourself, your family and the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

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